The Queue

The Queue is a city in The Painted Wastes built up around the Watchtower over the past 75 years. Forming from the growing waiting masses who wish entry into the Watchtower the planning of Queue has grown organically over time dictated by the few remaining structures and the needs of the community.

There are 8 neighborhoods in the Queue:
the Watchtower
The Cough
The Pocket
Aces and Eight’s
The Lot
The Court
The Mirage Lands

There is no ruling authority in the Queue and thus security is handled by local gangs and hired mercenaries. This makes Queue a sometimes dangerous place, especially newcomers getting to know the city, and how it works. The most organized and widely used gang for security is the Jokers, who some argue the residents need protection from as often as they hire the Jokers.

Whenever a threat from the Painted Wastes shows itself and attacks the city, often the Tower Guard will appear from the Tower Gates and take care of it, but equally as often the residents and gang will need to protect themselves. Thus every resident needs to be armed and able to use those arms in a fight, this as well, makes Queue a dangerous place for visitors and newcomers.

The Queue

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