Irradiated Yeti, Second in Command of the Jokers, Sensible.


Yogi is second in command of the Jokers, although as any of the men in the Jokers and they will tell you: “you want anything done, go to Yogi, never go to Cook.” Yogi is level headed and see’s the Jokers for what it really should be, the honorable protectors of the Queue not the thugs and criminals that terrorize as often as they protect.

Yogi is 7 feet tall and while he may at one point have had white fur his irradiation has turned all of it green and coarse. He often will wear armor over his fur because in Yeti culture any sort of color change in fur, indicates deceitfulness and those with it are often shunned. Luckily for him he has not been in contact with the bulk of Yetidom for quite some time, and the Queue has far less scruples about something as petty as fur color.


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